Bringing Simplicity Back to Wine

We had to inspire ‘Developing Drinkers’ to reach for [yellow tail] and provide a genuine reason to select the brand (over price) more frequently, growing brand awareness and sales.

We discovered that the ‘Developing Drinker’ was starting to get into wine but did not yet understand the category. In fact they were starting to resent its complexity and snobbery. They wanted shortcuts and signals to help them navigate wine and a brand that they could connect with. And the connection point was food.

Our shape was designed to connect with the everyday meal occasion.

We created content with key influencers and MKR to ensure we were part of relevant food culture.We partnered with to pair specific wines with relevant food searches and created influence through social media remarketing during key moments.

By bringing simplicity back to wine, we increased brand awareness by 5% and achieved a 7% increase in purchase.

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