We give
creative ideas a
modern shape

At Bohemia, we shape each and everyone into a unique brand ecosystem using the art and science of media to pull audiences towards the desired outcome.

We harness our collaborative approach called ‘Unity’, designed to unite all stakeholders to create long term profitable growth. Unity puts our clients unique brand platform and creative idea at the heart of the operating system to ensure maximum attention, return on investment and connected brand experiences across paid, owned, shared and earned channels.

Four integrated skill sets are in house to enable us to shape modern ideas and drive growth for our clients:

Connections Planning

We apply a channel neutral and creative lens on connecting an idea with the relevant audience to drive action.

Magnetic Content

We create, co-create and amplify thumb-stopping branded content that jumps out of the right people’s news feed.

Media Precision

We are experts in all forms of media under a dynamic investment model to deliver location and audience media precision. The dynamic model puts real time client results, as opposed to long term holding company deals at the centre of decision making.

Performance Marketing

We drive tangible business outcomes through agile, experimental and efficient performance digital marketing programs.