What Makes You a Bohemian?

Flex is one of the most requested “perks” for employees, with data from YouGov showing that flexibility is important to four out of five workers under the age of 50. This isn’t news. For years businesses have been trying to find the middle ground between employee wellbeing and productivity. 

And what it really comes down to is trust. Most leaders are coming round to the idea that passing on autonomy to run your own day encourages high performance and responsibility in teams.

So how do we manage flex at Bohemia?

Flex means different things to everyone, while some people think it may only apply to working parents or for the most senior people in the business, here at Boho we feel it is important to let everyone know 

that their passions and interests outside these walls are important no matter their level or requirement.

This week we asked Matthew Cuda, one of our talented Media Executives, what flex meant to him and the difference it has made in his work/life balance: “Flex is all about balance; working somewhere where both your professional and personal passions can be nurtured.”

Each week, Matt makes the trek back down to Wollongong to play football at a competitive level. It’s a commitment and dedication to his team that he understandably can’t let down and to counteract the two-hour train ride, Matt and his manager came to an agreement around early finishes on that day so he can make it there on time. According to the FlexCareers Workplace Flexibility Report, 67% of survey respondents felt that by using flex arrangements it would impact their ability to progress their career or be considered for promotion. It has been imperative for Bohemia’s leadership team to effectively communicate that flex is on the table and up for discussion for everyone without judgment or penalty.

The benefits are clear to see, with proven uplifts in productivity, team happiness, and the team knowing they are genuinely cared about.

And in Matt’s own words: “It enhances the culture, with management proving they understand we have a life outside of work, and they want to support that. We all know that we work hard and need to enjoy ourselves, and it helps to have an employer that supports that”.

If you have an opinion on Flex work or some ideas from your own team, we would love to hear them!